Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We're getting more chairs!

 Many of you know that we have about 5 groups a week when people come in and sit at the big table. (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights, plus Thursday and Sunday afternoons).  Some of those groups are growing, and some of my antique chairs haven't held up so well.   Keith persuaded me yesterday to part with 2 more wiggly old ones that didn't have sentimental value.

One chair that does have sentimental value, is an old oak kitchen chair that has a nail in it to hold a crack in the wood.  The nail works it's way back out every week or so, and catches me as I go by.  I mutter something about Grandpa, and tap it back in.  I knew this had gone on too long when a customer referred to that chair as Grandpa.

 I finally took the plunge yesterday and ordered 6 brand new chairs! Keith and I were amused to find that there was a shopping category called "quick ship church chairs", but it turns out they're affordable, well-padded, and rated to hold big people.  I ordered a bright color.

 Help us come up with something fun for the little pockets in the back!